The Benefits Of Using Microsoft Sharepoint Server

One of the most popular software packages for businesses today is Microsoft SharePoint Server. Microsoft SharePoint Server is a very popular program for businesses, because it helps to improve business processes without the requirement of extensive training beforehand. SharePoint was created several years ago as a tool for creating corporate portals that serve as entryways to documents such as human resources forms, but more recently, it has expanded functionality and split. SharePoint is part of the foundation of a broad rethinking of the way office workers use computers. The suite supports a large number of programs and is built to be an effective content management platform for business use. It is also designed to streamline many different types of business applications, allowing the users to be more effective in their day to day functions. Many different types of users would be able to use Microsoft SharePoint Server effectively and the platform allows for easier control of many business processes.

One of the largest benefits to using Microsoft SharePoint Server is the ability to manage and control the content that is entering or leaving your business. Every business owner knows that one security breach or hacker can cause a great deal of damage to the company and even put the company out of commission for a period of time. All electronic content can be tracked and many business processes can be streamlined using the tools available with Microsoft SharePoint Server. The platform can also be used to access documents and workspaces that need to be shared among a number of individuals, such as databases and commonly used forms. The applications can also be used to create online content such as webpages, wiki’s, and blogs.

Microsoft SharePoint Server also gives users the ability to organize and edit their documents quickly and easily. Documents can be organized using any number of different criteria and collaborative editing is also possible using the applications available with the software. Microsoft SharePoint Server also includes updated navigation features and the ability to search documents using a number of different methods. Other applications available with the program include to do lists, contact management databases, workflow planning, discussion boards, and programmable alerts. This allows the employees to manage their work processes much more effectively and increase productivity across all departments.

Microsoft SharePoint Server can be easily integrated with Microsoft Office applications and can host a number of libraries very effectively. This software certainly helps with the issue of sharing Microsoft Office documents among teams and making those documents more accessible through search. There are a number of ways that Microsoft SharePoint Server can increase productivity and streamline businesses processes. Many companies have found that the addition of this business platform to their common applications have allowed employees to manage their documents more effectively and bring projects to completion at a much quicker rate which is essential in business world in the current days. In Addition, the team and site managers can coordinate site content and user activity easily, its environment is designed for easy and flexible deployment, administration, and application development.

We’re listing some common business needs that can be solved by using a SharePoint Services 3.0 site. Maybe you’ll find a few things here that you’ve been trying to find a solution for within your own organization.

I’d like to share with you the top 20 ways that SharePoint can solve your common business needs. And I want to emphasize that these 20 are only a few of the many ways to utilize the SharePoint Services. Once you start using it, you will begin to realize the many other valuable benefits that can easily be accomplished by the everyday user.

Shall we get started? Within this simple list you might find a solution to something you’ve been looking high and low for.

With SharePoint you can:

1. Store all your emails on a secure and centralized Website for easy archive.

2. Have a centralized location for tasks and assign tasks to team members. These tasks will automatically show up in yor team’s Outlook 2007 To-Do List. Those tasks will also link to your projects so you can easily find out what tasks are still open for each project.

3. Organize large events and store the related documents, assigned tasks, and generally post anything and everything related to the events. It will also integrate with Outlook for added efficiency.

4. Collaborate with team members on all documents and stay on top of who did what. Earlier versions can easily be restored in case someone has made too many mistakes. Projects can also be linked to related documents.

5. When tasks are assigned to team members they’ll automatically be notified that they’ve just been assigned a new task. Each time a task has been updated alerts are sent.

6. Quickly manage all projects for your team or organization so there’s no need to explore buying an expensive project management solution.

7. Use the efficient check-in / check-out management feature to sort your documents.

8. Implement a help ticket resolution for your organization or team without breaking the bank.

9. Start a private company blog to communicate and share ideas with your team that’s viewable only by those you give access to.

10. Gain more control over your company’s documents with the content approval function.

11. Offer training materials to your teams, clients, and/or partners in a password-protected Website that can be accessed anywhere in the world.

12. Offer a secure and private place to share documents and other information with clients and/or partners.

13. Access and work with your data using your Internet-enabled mobile phone for added convenience while traveling or out of the office at client meetings.

14. Create better team communication and brainstorming sessions where everyone can participate when their schedules permit.

15. Keep project announcements for your company and team in a central location. Everyone will receive a notification via email or mobile phone automatically, anywhere in the world.

16. Take the project tasks, team discussions, company contacts, centralized calendars, team blogs, and files offline. and then sync the updated information later on.

17. Create “central” documents (and syncronize), so all team members, clients, and/or partners are able to work on the same document and make changes. Updates are accessible with a click of a button. Everyone can then sync back to the “central” document and have all edits merged into that single document.

18. Easily add custom fields to any area and capture the information that’s most important to your company, all without the help of a web designer or IT person.

19. Pull up and update Microsoft Access 2007 database from a local desktop and sync information to a central location that can be accessed from any where at any time.

20. Create a project dashboard where on one page you can view and filter on common project elements, such as: project details, project documents, project tasks, project issues, project calendar, project milestones, project lessons learned, project risks, project change orders, and more.

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