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Graduation Project   Adaptive Web Development


Our project depend on the adaptation Idea with user which is very complex on the web and we work on tracking user behavior and navigation behavior to make the user feel that all the web is for him !


Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Sql Server



Under Supervisor

Assitance.Prof : Ahmad AbdAllah Hassan

Project Team

From Left (Above)

Ahmed Abd El Hady Abd El Shafy  (ACI Solutions – Cairo)

Ahmed Samir Abd El Same’a           (Symbyo Tech)

Ahmed Salama Hassan                     (ITI 2009-2010)

Mohamed Ahmed Abd El Hafez      (Satyam Inc – ACI Solutions)

Abd El Rahman Hamed Mohamed (France , Paris)

From Left (Below)

Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim                 (Holly Mecca – Oracle Developer)

Ahmed Ibrahim Abd El Hamed      (itsoft – Integrant Inc)

2 thoughts on “Online Work

  1. Ibrahim says:

    والله من احسن الايام التى عشتها وحشنى يارجاله
    من خير البلاد – مكة المكرمة – أدعوا الله ان يجمعنا قريبا

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